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Penpals wanted; Snailmail and Airmail all comes together for Penpals who want to write!
Modish Foldable
Modish Foldable
Modish Foldable
Modish Foldable
Modish Foldable
Modish Foldable
Modish Foldable
Modish Foldable
Modish Foldable

Modish Foldable

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Our Second fold-able is here!

A new age of Snail mail has dawned over us!

The Envelope is now also the letter!

Very cleverly designed, our Modish Foldable now has the ability to be not only an Envelope or A Writing letter to write on...But also, a method for your Penpal to reply through!

How does it work?

You receive the Foldable pre-folded! No work will have to be done through your side!

  1. You will write the From To addresses
  2. You will Open it up and Write your message to your Penpal!
  3. You will fold it with your From To on the outside
  4. You will securely tape the foldable together!; Washitape, Shipping Tape, Many stickers..Any Willl Do!
  5. You will happily ship your Letter :)


What does your Penpal do?

Your Penpal will open the Foldable up with absolute awe! He/She will discover a new world of Snailmail that you have sent to them, They will Fold it up and see the inside of it being blank? "Why? is this like this" They will think...EVENTUALLY They will notice it's to reply back through! (Which it is; Cleverly)

Throw your Penpal into a new era of the Snailmail community with this new MODISH FOLDABLE!

Make sure to tape securely as well!

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Modish Foldable!

OMG I love that idea, I wondered about that lol I used it to mail to my pen pal so hopefully she will like it when she see that! Hehe! Thank you so much! :)

A CitiesAway Customer
Mylene M.
United States United States

Thank you so much for the review! :) Write on Mylene!