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What's goes in the box?

Hello there!

I hope you're having a great day. Let me break down what your Penpal box brings so you can see why it's worth the more than the value we put it for!


  1. Our box brings everything you need. We have been brain storming for two years now putting together the perfect system for everything to run smoothly for our Penpals!
  • Three U.S Forever Stamps (Real)
  • Six used collectable Stamps
  • Two beautiful rolls of washitape
  • A tiny collectable jar
  • A match pen
  • One classy pen / fountain pen with replaceable ink
  • Thirty Three Vintage Travel stickers (So we can make this experience as genuine as possible)
  • Five handmade envelopes
  • Several gifts (We are aiming on putting 1 to 5 gifts per box!)
  • Six Message Pills! (Write your new friend a secret message)
  • A cool box to store your small treasures of importance!
  • A gift box! A tiny box so you can remember what we are all about (Contains more goodies)
  • A brass clock
  • Your Penpal! Your penpal's P.O box! (OPTIONAL)
  • A seal! To seal your envelope firmly!
  • Nine fancy sheets of paper (To write your personal message to your Penpal)
  • A stylish pen box (Holds your collectable pens)
  • A tiny personal Journal
  • A beautiful rubber ink stamp
  • Two travel themed charms
  • A wonderful Penpal Mail Tag
  • Scrapbooking Paper
  • Much more!



Penpals internationally connected for snailmail and stationery!
Penpal subscription box for snailmail and scrapbooking

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