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Monthly Subscription Box
Monthly Subscription Box - CitiesAway
Monthly Subscription Box - CitiesAway
Monthly Subscription Box - CitiesAway
Monthly Subscription Box - CitiesAway
Monthly Subscription Box - CitiesAway
Monthly Subscription Box - CitiesAway
Monthly Subscription Box - CitiesAway
Monthly Subscription Box - CitiesAway
Monthly Subscription Box - CitiesAway

Monthly Subscription Box

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Your Penpal Box!

With this package you will receive absolutely everything you need to successfully write to your Penpal. We make sure to include a little bit of everything! From Postcards to scrapbook items to Stationery goodies and a beautiful fountain pen as a cherry on top! We want our Penpals to have an unforgettable experience when they receive their Penpal box! We look forward to including much more items with your feedback!

The box always changes from month to month and we always make sure to include a beautiful Pen in each one.

Our box also includes everything below!⁣ 📬
- 2 rolls of washi tape ⁣
- 1 stylish pen ⁣
- many novelty gifts  ⁣
- 50+ stickers ⁣
- 6 very vintage writing paper ⁣
- 5 Airmail envelopes ⁣⁣ ⁣
- 1 collectible charms⁣
- 4 post cards
- A papercraft project
- 1 Penpal (First month only)
And much much more! ⁣😆

Every month you receive a new box!
✏📜  ➡️  ✉  ➡️  📬

The method in which we connect Penpals:
After a purchase, we follow up the thank you email with an email about our Penpal personality survey!
The survey is to test our new Penpal's personality so we can connect them to a Penpal they desire while also being very similar so it's an instant click when writing to each other!

To read more on what you will receive, Click here

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I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!! If you've ever been concerned about getting your money's worth with a subscription box, I'm right there with you. But this box just seemed to keep going! So many beautiful stickers! Gorgeous envelopes! And really, at the end of the day, I know that I spent my money well. So looking forward to future letters and future orders from Cities away!!!

Teri K.
Canada Canada

THANK YOU so much Teri! We very much appreciate your love! We've changed the box recently! It now costs less and holds inside of it more of what you love! We would like to discount you for a 6 month plan if you allow it! Contact us! :)


January 2020 Box

I thoroughly enjoyed receiving this box! I love that it had EVERYTHING you need to write to a penpal, paper, envelope, paper goodies, even real postage stamps, a high quality pen, etc. I was surprised how much was sent in the little box. Highly recommend for those that penpal.!

Nadia A.
United States United States

Hi there Nadia! Thank you SO much for the feedback! We try to stuff as many great items as we can into each box so that the unboxing and writing experience is unmatchable to any other service!


Gift for Secret Santa

It was a perfect Christmas gift!

Tiffany O.
United States United States

Hi there Tiffany! Thank you so much for making someone's day with a CitiesAway secret Santa gift! Write on!


Love it!!

I got my first box a few weeks ago and was blown away by everything I got!! Absolutely in love with all the stationary and envelopes and goodies I got in this package. Will definitely be buying one again soon!!

Sarah S.
United States United States

Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for the 5 star review! This has made our day! Looking forward to your next order! Write on!


Great concept, Awesome company!

I was like a child on Christmas morning when I opened my box. EVERYTHING that you need to start, and continue, writing to your penpal, who is also provided with your CitiesAway package. Supplies are adequate for more than one send to your long distance friend. And all it’s are unique to each box. I Love my purchase and would do it again. And you aren’t limited to how many times you can purchase. You need to give them a try.

Toni L.
United States United States

Thank you so much for your support! We look forward to supplying you again with our Penpal Box! Your review has made our day! It's people like you who allow us to grow! Write on!